Our team

In 2013, the Chance for Life team is composed of 22 specialists, having academic and professional background in business administration, psychology and ergo therapy, social working, language teaching, mathematics, communication.


Irina Jarrett-Thorpe - Director

Irina has completed an MBA at Kingston Business School, London, UK. She holds an MSc in International Project Management and a BA in Journalism and Communication. Irina has worked as the Director of Chance for Life since June 2000, being the driving force behind the organization, helping the charity to continuously grow and develop its services.


Iuliana Dinu – National Coordinator

Iuliana holds an MSc in Psychotherapy and Psychodiagnosis as well as a BA in Psychology. She is the first volunteer that joined the team in 2000. Despite the difficulties of the early times, she has been committed to total quality of our services from the very beginning, proving continuously a hard working ethic. She is a leader in Chance for Life, and a champion of changes, improvements and developments.


Cristi Stroe – Administrator

Cristi joined Chance for Life in 2002, and very soon he proved to be indispensable for all our programmes. Having an incredible wide range of skills and abilities, he is one of the rocks of the charity. Cristi holds the secrets of fast and effective movements, and the commitment, joy and honesty of a wonderful team player.


Cristina Niculae - Communication & Fundraising Responsible


Adela Botoroaga - Accountant



Iulia Paraschivescu, French Teacher& Volunteer's Coordinator

Iulia holds a MSc in International Affairs and a BA in Foreign Languages – French and Italian. She joined Chance for Life in 2003, as a volunteer working within Hope for Today program. In 2004, she became the first teacher who opened to the children in Chance for Life Scholarship the secrets of French language and culture. The children taught by Iulia qualified for intensive French teaching classes and obtained the DELF Scolaire (Level A2) diploma, awarded by the French Institute. Her results prove that she is a leading teacher who creates and uses modern teaching tools. Nowadays Iulia is also coordinator of the Romanian and International  Volunteers, being responsible of the EVS programme in Chance For Life.


Dana Apostol, Programme Director

She joined Chance for Life in 2005, as a volunteer working in Chance for Life Scholarship. Her kindness and understanding of children’s needs made them love her instantaneously and open to her like to a new mother. Since 2005 Dana has been working full time as a counselor, and since 2007 she has been responsible for a group of four new children in CFL Scholarship. She is a mentor and a role model not only for them, but also for a group of five teenagers full of personality who graduated the first part of Chance for Life Scholarship, that very often come to her to ask for a wise advice for their lives. Starting with 2010 she became the Coordinator of Bursa Chance For Life's Project.


Vasile Buruiana, Mathematics Teacher

Vasile holds a BA in Mathematics and has been working with children for 30 years. He has been the Mathematics teacher in Chance for Life Scholarship for three years and has obtained remarkable results working with our beneficiaries. The beneficiaries who are now in the 10th grade managed to achieve outstanding results at the national tests for secondary school graduation, which allowed them to go to renowned high schools in Bucharest.




Viorica Turbatu, Language and Literature Teacher

Viorica has been working with children for 26 years. She is a warm, caring and extremely organized person. Her methods of teaching Romanian language and literature have worked wonders for the children in Vodafone Scholarship and have led to the amazing results they obtained at numerous contests.


Marioara Gheorghe, Child Supervisor

The children in Vodafone Scholarship have become very fond of Marioara thanks to her mothering experience as well as the fact that she always keeps a smile on her face. Not only does she often play with them indoors or outdoors, but she also comes up with interesting, challenging games. Furthermore, she often reads stories to them and her soft voice, her care for the children and joy of life are all reasons why the children love spending time with her.


Antonia Coratu, Project Coordinator

Antonia’s has a solid mothering experience. She has learned many new things working with the children in Vodafone Scholarship. Antonia always organizes interesting games and she also supervises the children while they do their homework.


Steliana Simionov, Cook

Steliana holds a cooking diploma and she has acquired work experience preparing meals in a boarding house in Sulina. However, she is much more thrilled to cook for the project’s beneficiaries and she regards each day as a competition, since the children are very particular about their food. They have been very pleased with the meals prepared by Steliana so far.


Georgeta Nicolau, Cleaning Lady

Because Georgeta always keeps a contagious smile on her face, everybody around her can’t help but be cheerful. Though her work is not easy at all, Georgeta’s dedication and enthusiasm are overwhelming and the children enjoy clean rooms every day.




Steluta Manolache - Project Coordinator

Diana Ferent- Creative Workshop's Coordinator

Stela Stoian - supervisor


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